Inner Mongolia Youth Choir

Harbour City Series Concert 2
Wednesday 17 July
Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Tickets $20 – $25

World Showcase Series Concert 2
Thursday 18 July, 7pm
Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Tickets $25 – $35

The Inner Mongolia Youth Choir was founded in 2008. It was the first of its kind in Inner Mongolia. The choir currently consists of about 80 members, aged 12 to 17. All are from farming families on the plains of Inner Mongolia. Their teachers have global experience but and include representatives of traditional Mongol arts and culture. In addition to Mongol language songs, they also perform in Chinese and several foreign languages. Many of the members play musical instruments, including the traditional Mongolian horse head fiddle, as well as the piano, violin, and so on. They also perform traditional Mongolian dances.

In the past few years they have performed at various large-scale arts events throughout Inner Mongolia, China and the world, and have also held several dozen concerts of their own. In 2012, they won first place in both the All-China Children’s Song Competition and China International Choir Festival, boosting them to instant fame. The same year they travelled to Mongolia to participate in the “Voice of Youth” concert, held at the Ulaanbaatar Culture and Arts Center, where they once again achieved great success. Following this they participated in the Europe Choir Competition, Taipei International Choir Festival, and 10th World Symposium on Choir Music in Seoul, gradually solidifying their position as one of the major choirs of the world. Recent performances include at the American Choral Director’s Association in Minneapolis, USA and in Tallinn, Estonia by invitation. In 2017 their album “Swan Goose” won “Best Album in the 10th China Golden Disk” awards.